Solo Travelers

Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter or contemplating your first solo adventure, The Good Life Abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity to embrace international living with a supportive community by your side.

Approximately 30% of our community members are solo travelers—discover why so many seniors choose to explore the world with us.

Solo Senior Travel with The Good Life Abroad Unlocks a World of Possibilities

New Friends:

Experience independent travel with the comfort of a community of like-minded travelers living within walking distance from you.

Cultural Connections:

Immerse yourself in different cultures, forge new friendships with local people, and create lasting memories.

Personal Growth:

Challenge yourself, boost confidence, and broaden your horizons through unique experiences.

Why Travel Solo with The Good Life Abroad?

Built-In Community

Join like-minded travel lovers aged 55 and up who value cultural immersion. Best of all, your fellow community members all live within a 15-minute walking radius, so you can easily meet up whenever you want to.

Local Community Manager:

Our local staff supports you throughout your experience. Whether it’s planning a weekend getaway, obtaining tickets to a local concert, or securing English-speaking medical care, your Community Manager is there for you.

Studio Apartments:

Studio apartments are the most economical choice for a solo traveler to have an actual apartment with a fully equipped kitchen. They are less expensive than a one-bedroom apartment and perfect for one person.

Roommate Matching Program

Another way for solo senior travelers to save money is by sharing a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. This option is more economical than booking a one-bedroom apartment alone and is also a great way to make a new friend. Learn

The 3 Pillars of Solo Travel with The Good Life Abroad

Embark on a transformative solo travel experience with The Good Life Abroad. Our immersive programs cater to your desire for adventure, connection, and personal enrichment.

Immersive Living

Experience the local lifestyle with the comforts and security of a supportive community. Stay in charming neighborhoods where you can explore historic sites, enjoy local festivals, and dine at authentic restaurants, feeling like a local every day.

Community Engagement

Participate in engaging community activities designed to connect you with fellow travelers and the local culture. From group excursions and cultural workshops to social events, you’ll build meaningful relationships and lasting memories.

On-Ground Support

Benefit from personalized guidance and curated group activities led by our dedicated local Community Managers. They provide invaluable support, ensuring you navigate your new environment with ease and make the most of your journey.

Join Us on Your Solo Travel Journey

Let’s turn your solo travel dreams into reality. Welcome to The Good Life Abroad!